FANCAMs 120922 SM Town Live World Tour III in Jakarta


Hai ^^

Berhubung saya terlalu malas mengupload di blog secara manual jadilah saya berikan linknya saja. Okeeehhh???


Playlist fancam(s) SM Town Live Workd Tour III in Jakarta :


I’ll Post Later


Hello everyone ^^ 😀

Miss youuuuu :*


Actually, I wanna update more. But, lil’ bit busy right now 😥 So, I’ll update on 24th December (maybe). There’s much I wanna talk/update. Like :

1. My story when 22nd September/SM Town Indonesia

2. My fancams on SM Town Indonesia

3. New ffs (hope done many)

4. And more!!


Soooo!!! Wait for my comeback 😉

Old Time


Old Time


Author             : Nabila .A.M. (Kang Yoo Na)

Cast                 : – Song Ran Ah, Kim Hee Chul

                            – Young Woon, Yoo Na, Hyuk Jae, Hye Ri, Dong Wook, Dong Hee, Han Kyung

Genre              : Friendship + Romance

Length             : One Shoot

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